Contest #2 – Episode 1: Where’s Moonbin?

In Giveaway by KPOPME

WINNER: Instagram @redmoonbeans

PRIZE: Exclusive Autographed Member Polaroid from KPOPME’s #ASTROinUSA (Random Member)
DEADLINE: Wednesday, May 9, 2018

1) Watch ‘ASTRO “Where Have You Been”’ Episode 1
2) Count how many times Moon Bin’s face was shown throughout the episode.
3) Screenshot a part of the Episode and share it on your social media
4) In the description include the text “Moon Bin’s Face Appeared # Times”
5) Include the following hashtags: #KMEseries #WheresMoonBin #KPOPME #ASTRO #ASTROinUSA

*One entry per person

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Instagram @redmoonbeans