Contest #3 – Episode 2: Exam Time!

In Giveaway by KPOPME

WINNER: Facebook: Jamie Wu

PRIZE: Exclusive Autographed Member Polaroid from KPOPME’s #ASTROinUSA (Random Member)
DEADLINE: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

1) Watch ‘ASTRO “Where Have You Been”’ Episode 2
2) Click here and participate in the ‘ASTRO “Where Have You Been” Final Exam’
3) After completing the exam, screenshot your favourite part of the episode and share it on your social media
4) Make sure to upload the screenshot using the social media that you’ve submitted at the beginning of the exam
5) Include the following hashtags: #KMEseries #KMEexam #KPOPME #ASTRO #ASTROinUSA

*One entry per person

WINNER ANNOUNCED: Facebook – Jamie Wu